Is this Bear Shark on Nifty?

Is this the Bear Shark ? Anyone have any idea about. I never used it before. Trying to learn.

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I found this. Looks Nifty will fall.

I thought this is butterfly bearish…Almost reverse of Gartley…I guess a chart can be interpreted multiple ways…it is in the eyes of the beholder!..

Eliots Triangular Wave Patten

I am not confirming anything here. Please correct if am wrong.

This Prediction Failed

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It is indeed BEAR SHARK entered Global Markets

China Growth Slows Down and HangSeng Fell Sharply today. US Markets also Falling and Chain reaction spreads to global Markets.

at 7.30pm 19th Oct 2017

Hope You know what to do at this point of Time.

Investor keep cash with you.

Traders Wear Red Shirt.

HariBabu if point B is lower than X then only it will be bear Shark as per my knowledge