Is Tomorrow a Trading holiday?


Are the stock markets closed tomorrow because of elections?


Yep they are closed

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Yeah! Election @Mumbai


Tomorrow market closed due to elections


what about MCX ?


Mcx also full day off.


How about SGX-Nifty?


emm, not sure about that, I think it will be closed and even if not much movement may not be expected, anyhow on tuesday morning it ill fall in line with our nifty. It follows our nifty and not other way round.


Hahaha :grin: SGX Nifty is like shadow of Nifty. Catch the shadow if you can.


Actually sgx traded today, down by 27 points.

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Thanks for update :slight_smile: but for me it’s showing 31 points up and closed in green


It is now showing 24 points down, I am checking it on money control, anyhow point is there is trading happening on sgx nifty today.

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Nifty can correct now, given election hype is over. Swingers will book profits. That’s why SGX showing negative.