Is trading domestic utilities possible in india?

there are many countries which allow trading on domestic utilities like electricity , heating , gas , etc via forwars or futures or custom made contracts .

some of them are regulated , some are unregulated .

is there any scope of doing the same in india ?

I know it’s possible to trade Electricity (Power) in India. Not sure about other domestic utilities. Please refer the below link:


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I believe India does not have decent liquid market for utilities trading either in exchanges or in OTC. Check this link where physical trading of electricity is done.

But India is still a developing market where a lot of financial engineering is needed in other asset classes before to have any space for exotic derivatives.Shorting in equities and carrying for days should be made more feasible, need to introduce physical settlement for options, commodity options,cross currency pairs and options on them,very negligible retail participation in bond markets, yet no depth for trading in corporate bonds or interest rate futures. Most predominantly complexities around production, storing, transportation and distribution of utilities should be sorted out before trying to create any market for them.

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