Is TWS from Interactive brokers really the best?

So I have heard that the trading terminal of interactive brokers is the best in the industry (apart from bloomberg and eikon off course).

Have any of you used it? What’s your review of it?

Is it worth moving to interactive brokers from zerodha if one normally scalps bank nifty options?

I have used TWS before. It’s the best I have used thus far on a PC platform. Zerodha Kite is the best I have used on a mobile/web platform. TWS advantage is that it is a reliable and stable software and I have never seen any order glitches on TWS. Also, you can programmatically connect to it without any additional charges (Zerodha charges for their Kite Connect API).

Look for the account minimums, commissions charged by IB before switching from Zerodha to IB. But am not sure how much you will benefit from that switch since Zerodha Kite should be fast enough for scalping unless you are going the programmatic route.


I have used IB’s TWS and their mobile app. The TWS felt clunky, but good. Their mobile app was far better. I was using on a Mac.

The best? I would say ThinkOrSwim (TD Ameritrade) is the best platform by far. The founders of ToS, went on to find TastyWorks/TastyTrade, which is more suited for options trading.

Is it worth switching from Zerodha, for scalping - can’t say.