Is Zerodha liable to compensate me for losses incurred due to its back-end technical failures?

Twice in the last 3 trading days, Zerodha has had technical issues during 3.15 to 3.30pm. As a result my trades did not get executed. Executing those trades on the next day have resulted in a huge loss as markets opened with a big gap. How often has this happened with other users? I am frustrated at their standard and only response of “we’re doing the best we can and sorry for inconvenience”.

Can someone advise on what options I have available to get compensated for my loss?They have acknowledged that there were issues at their end which resulted in the orders not getting executed.

Same here… I was aunble to switch trade and even MIS trade were not executed and they were closed today in open when it open gap down…or else I wuold have been profited… since it was new days all MIS position should be there and let me end on myself