Is Zerodha not focusing on Pi anymore?

I use both Kite and Pi to trade. Have shifted to Kite mostly, but use Pi the desktop trading platform once in a while for backtesting. Looks like all developments are now focused on Kite. Any reason for that?


As a business, we’ve seen 95%+ of our users move to web and mobile platforms, a trend that’s not exclusive to Zerodha. While we continue to maintain Pi, investing heavily into inhouse desktop platforms given this trend is difficult.

Moreover, much has changed with web technologies (like HTML5) over the last few years and desktop trading platforms today may not necessarily have any material advantages over their well designed web counterparts. New technologies like WebAssembly that are coming out will further blur the lines between desktop and web. The upcoming update to Kite (3.0), our web based platform, should bring significant feature and performance benefits over desktop platforms.

This is one of the reasons why a lot of our R&D is focused on our API ecosystem, so that existing platforms out there and upcoming ones can integrate with us, be it web, desktop, or mobile. We’re also constantly on the lookout for innovative startups that are in this space and we have some talks happening in regards to the backtesting bit you are talking about which can be done on the web itself.

PS: Answered by K (Kailash), our tech godfather. :slight_smile:


Couple of things that are good is desktop based platforms are

  1. Better Watch list layout
  2. Refresh rate & Speed of order execution- I don’t think web based system can yet match desktop platforms
  3. Linking to Excel. Very important feature for traders who want to have own excel analysis on real time.

I am not sure if kite 3.0 is capable these things.



Yep these are possible on the web as well. All may not be part of the first release of Kite 3.0, but they are all on the way.


What is likely release date for Kite 3.0?
Kite should add user settings/preference how they want to execute the trade such as no questions asked, lots, MIS or NRML and many other things…

Also, do you plan to release Windows 10 UWP application which can be downloaded from Windows Store on Windows 10?

If Kite contains all the features of PI or near thinkorswim tool (Option chain, Trading from Option chain, trading strategy, and please paper trade in Kite itself) that would make it awesome platform.
Please benchmark yourself with or so that Kite becomes the best beast on trading.

A few more items that can Kite 3.0 provide:

  • speed at which the data is coming? (e.g 100 ticks per second…etc)
  • Force connection when connection drops and it comes back again
  • Trading from Chart… etc. etc.

The list is endless.

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Hello Nithin, as we know these days KITE is emerging as the popular way to trade but if we compare it with other trading HTMLs we find it little outdated or can say a bit tedious, because of its design to open several pages to trade in one scrip only, like one for chart, one for position and one for main dash board. one more thing is that kite lacking some of the indicators which are available in Pi or other platforms. it will be better if it will be possible to bring chart window, order pop, and position pop and quotes in one screen. Also please introduce the chart Buy/Sell with CO/BO orders. Chart Buy/Sell is the necessity of time. for your reference i m giving link of another HTML trading platform.


We have something coming up for this. Btw, have you checked this video, there is a free utility to combine different tabs of the browser.

Good to know that you guys are doing something in this matter. Btw I have already watched this video before, and i liked the concept, but frankly not effective. Sorry but i m expecting more from Zerodha because of its maximum appeal throughout the nation. what i want to say to you is to continuously update the platforms to compete with other current Trading Platforms. Here is one trading platform which i can suggest is this :- this platform is seems very good, like its chart buy/sell(BO/CO included), on chart alerts and several other options which make it kinda easy-to-trade platform please take in consider this platform while upgrading KITE.

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There has been various issues with script alert generation and your CC team sucks. are you going to close Pi? If yes then there is not much difference in your platform and any other broker. It would be of no use to us then.

  1. dear zerodha.there is a feature in pi wherin you can combine two tech indicators jus by dragging one on another .this has been particularly useful to me in the analysis.
  2. i fear with your increase shift to kite.u mite close down pi ,therefore is der a possibility of providing same feature on kite also.
    tx awaiting for ur reply
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@nithin, many times i have tried to migrate to PI, because of faster and easier order placement in PI. whenever i open that i see a pop-out massage of new update, if i don’t update i have to exit PI, and if i update i have to adjust all my setting there again, and if i open again even after one minute, the new update massage again appears and the same happens again. kindly suggest how to resolve this.

Even i faced the same. I uninstalled Pi completely and downloaded new version from back office. Now it works fine. Give it a try

is there new version available

Few days back, they had sent an new update. After, which I was facing the issue.

So, I downloaded new copy from back office.

is it free of hangs and other minor issues, previous version had

Is Zerodha not focusing on Pi anymore?,same i too used to think,but pi and kite all are working fine :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Which alternative web based platforms are you talking about?

@nithin we are ready to pay anywhere from 500-2000 a month to trade on PI. Please don’t withdraw your support for that.please keep on improving. Interms of speed at which data is shown on PI. Order execution speed thru quick order, kite is no where even a match to PI.

If u get excess money through this program please use it to fund PI. KITE is good but it’s no PI.

In upstox they charge 14-20k pa per segment in foxtrader. The traders who use it don’t mind paying as it’s their business. That’s also an investment.

Since I temporarily stopped trading on Zerodha to try others I paid a 10k AMC in Sharekhan. Which I don’t mind. But I now know it doesn’t workout for me. I would have not mind to pay that for PI. If it was used for up to date development in PI and making it the best trading platform in the world. I think there is a professional community of zerodha traders who don’t mind paying and who would love to trade on PI.
Please give us a chance to invest in our business and provide us what we need.


why are you suggesting fees for a platform which is already included in our services with zerodha!

if it’s not broken don’t mend it, pi serves my purpose of trading.

and is zerodha hinting any plans to drop pi? i guess not.

so, let it be where it is, don’t suggest this ridiculous idea of paying fees for “an already included platform”.

living hard to squeeze a profit after brokerages and taxes :wink:


forget zerodha guys…time to move out…why are you guys complaining forever…be agile & look for better options