Is Zerodha Safe?

As Discounted broking is a new concept in India, most users have a question about how safe is to invest via Zerodha? What happens in future if Zerodha faces problems, will investment will be safe?

well, there have been a number of incidents where servers have gone down while the trades were open, people lost money that way and zerodha won’t refund a dime. This risk you must accept when you marry yourself to a discount broker. If you are an experienced trader then never opt for a cheap broker but go for a full service broker connected to your bank account…otherwise for low-risk trades or for practice you can go for a discount broker.

Nithin had answered this question here:

You asked whether 'investment will be safe" So can i assume you are worried about shares bought in and placed in the demat and you are worried it will be safe . Yes 100% guaranteed because the shares are recorded at CDSL. You may however worry about the liquid fund(that is marging money) lying with zerodha. Unless you are an active trader in F&O why should you keep large sum of money just lying idle, in the first place. Just bring what you need by Internet banking or using UPI, Register more than 1 banks. It will give you flexibility… and in case your funds become large due to say, selling of shares just withdraw the money…

To me it is safe