Is Zerodha's One-click fund transfer similar to Upstox's Smart Transfer?

I am asking this in regards to the One-click transfer available with the 3-in-1 account offering of Zerodha with a similar offering that Upstox offers.

In Smart Transfer offered by Upstox, it is mentioned that the idle funds in the trading account will continue to accrue interest as if they were still in the savings account itself.

Does the One-click transfer offered by Zerodha also come with similar benefits?

No, can check this.

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Except for the bank (Indusind for upstox and IDFC for Zerodha), both 3-in-1 offer the same features. You get a savings account which will accue interest. However, from an app and usage perspective, Upstox feels a bit better and a little less glitchy from personal experience. What’s your experience been with the two apps?