Issue with kite charts levels

I have been observing frequently that there is issue with kite charts as levels of OHLC in nifty daily chart are not correct.This is not the first time i have spotted this during market hours as well faced this issue. I am uploading two images.

I’ve faced this too and many more issues. Hence been using tradingview for over a year now.

I’ve faced this too.

Below is today’s screenshot of Kite charts. It keeps interchanging the supertrend indicator. Which can call for a lot of wrong signals and losing trades.
Kite is highly unreliable for day traders.

  1. Sometimes shows below chart

  2. And then sometimes the same chart is shown as below

As you can see it can provide a lot of wrong signals.
Also, I too have seen a lot if issues in proper candle formation. Then when the page is reloaded, it updates correctly a few times , but a few other times it still shows wrong candle formations.
I don’t have screenshots of this currently.

I can understand Zerodha workforce and budget might not be as huge ( I might be wrong) as some other Bigger and Older names.
But, A dependable trading platform is a basic necessity especially for day traders…!!
Hope, Zerodha does something about this fast.

Candles also changing upon refresh…how is that possible?

Happened today in crude oil…makes a very big difference when judging sentiment if the opening candle will change mid day!!!