Issue with kite please help! Read the question below

Though Kite is amazing software THE PROBLEM I AM FACING is with the formation with candles .. suddenly the candles disappear & i start to get blank dashes something like this - - - - - - - - - instead of candles & volume bars then when i refresh my browser  i start getting the candles .WHAT could be the possible cause ???? request you to kindly help ???

use chrome browser and delete history then relogin and check

I faced the same problem with Mozilla Firefox browser. I felt so frustated with the candle formation bug, that I went back to using Zerodha Pi.

Dude !!! But i am using chrome have you tried all the other browsers like chrome or IE etc …just asking !!! BRO …Thank you for the answer though 1 . All the indicators that i had saved are gone . ( i had already saved the chart by using the + bottom at the bottom of the chart and give name to the template .BUT when i logged in the template was not their ? how to reload the template ?
2 . i am not able to use the short cut keys in KITE . have you also faced these problems ???

In my browser the kite platform is not opening at all. I just shows a blank white page.