Issues with Volume?

Volume in the chart keeps changing if I refresh then page

Does any one face the issue.
Did clear my cookies but the problem persists.

@ShubhS9 @MohammedFaisal

I have been also having issues with the candlestick plotting. The last one usually isn’t getting plotted. Had to switch to ChartIQ for a while.

There has been another bug for a very long time that renders trading view charts on Kite practically useless. When you create trend lines and support/resistance lines in the day chart and switch between weekly charts, monthly charts, minute charts, etc., suddenly all the lines disappear. This is incredibly frustrating.

The current version of TradingView we use has a known limitation, which will be resolved after the upgrade. The TV update is a work in progress and will be available to clients soon.

Please create a ticket in the support portal and DM me the ticket details, I will have it checked.

Thank you. Hopefully, that will be sometime soon!