Itc dividend 2020

I bought 100 shares on ITC on 29 June.
150 shares today-7th July.
How many shares would fetch me the dividend?

only 100 share.

Thank you @StockBox!

100 shares bought on 29th June are eligible for dividend.

Thank you @ShubhS9 !
One last query,till when should i hold these shares for dividend?

Shares have already gone ex-dividend on 6th July, you can sell anytime you want now.

Have the dividends of ITC been credited to the shareholders account?
If yes,will it be credited to bank account/Zerodha Funds?

Sairam Singh

ITC’s dividend payout date is 8th September.

Dividends are credited to your bank account.

Thank you @ShubhS9 sir,for your response.

If shares have been pledged with Zerodha then in Zerodha’s account and if shares are in your D’mate account with Zerodha then your bank account. How is your IEPF process is going?

Thank you @Shri_Hari sir for the explanation.