ITC shares a good buy or a sleeping giant

what do you think about this itc share including dividend and bonus history

The moment general public will stop enquiring about the stock and forget about it, it will rise then, after testing the patience of maybe another 2 - 3 years.


I fully endorse what stonecold has said on testing patience and a-r 1 on sleeping giant.

I am a shareholder but will never exit this stock. I had it when the price was around 300 and saw it fall to 165 and still did nothing an do not intend to do anything.

The amount of badgering the management has got is unbelievable. When the price was in the range of 280 to 300, the price was not moving because of the possibility of sin tax being imposed on Cigarettes by the Government. Everyone used to hold their breath when there was a GST meeting. Now during the corona crisis, there hotel business is in doldrums.

In spite of all this, the company is able to generate good amount of free cashflow. The only thing they can do now is give away maximum dividend so that shareholders are kept at bay.

I saw one you tuber telling the reason the stock does not move beyond a range. His rationale is
People are so fed up of holding this stock that the moment, it goes up a little, the pent up frustration is released by them selling and bringing down the price.

It was funny to hear this but I can as a shareholder to a certain extent agree.

There was another shareholder who wrote a scathing blog on ITC and saying the management was responsible for wealth destruction and asked them to close down some IT business etc. He went to the extent to saying that management met almost every day in the year and he was asking for what purpose.

In my view it is a sleeping giant and is rewarding its shareholders by dividends. Once the travel restrictions are removed, their hotel business will improve. I heard they are thinking of demerger of hotel, fmcg and infotech. It seems this will unlock value for the shareholders.

All said and done, ITC is truly a ESG company in India. Good times will come for the shareholders.

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I love this stock. so calm and poised.

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Finshots had also written an article in this regard about a year back, which is worth a read…



Thank you very much for sharing a “hit the nail” post. Wonderful. I am going to subscribe to Finshots.

This article brings to light the core issue and goodness of ITC.

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Has Covid changed cigarette smoking behavior? Has it made people more health conscious now?
I see a few friends who have moved to buying tobacco packets and roll it themselves on a roach paper to save money.