ITC (stock of the year so far)

Nifty is 3% near 52 week lows and ITC is trading at multi year highs, up 32% this year against (-10% returns of nifty)

add to that dividend…it has been a rockstar

Who is holding this defensive beauty in their portfolio?


Yep. I hold this in my account and family accounts, at a good price :wink:


Me too. I just could not sell this stock, when it fell, fell and fell. One guy even wrote a critical blog which went viral in which he said that company conducted more meeting than the number of days in the year (something in this line). Thereafter jokes started on this stock. The worst was INR 200 is equal to ITC shares. ITC took everything on their chin and stood tall…

All this inspite of the amount of dividends they gave.

During those time, I too had lost hope and made a resolution that I will never get attached to any stock and if it breaks a particular threshold, I will sell in part.

Yeah, ITC is the stock of the year…

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The problem with ITC is its high dependence on Cigarattes for profit generation. Despite 40% Revenue being generated from Cigarattes, its profit share is 84%; and the future for cigaratte industry is not hopeful.


Why not? It’s addiction, people will not stop smoking.

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Its true that smokers would never wish to stop smoking but slowly law will become strict and taxes will keep going in upward direction as its considered to be sin good.

Not only cigaratte has harmful effect for smoker but also on his surrounding.

see it from the prespective of businessman who considers pros n cons

such as Tax, growth, future, govt etc

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for investing HUL over ITC but as a trader I missed the opportunity

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Trading in ITC is the best thing as the chart patterns of these stocks are so clear. But investing in this stock is somehow difficult while managing the time.

are you here for promoting something or selling your service?

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I am so glad I invested in ITC! Been great so far, holding onto this one, for sure.

sure you’d have enjoyed the ride, but was the capital allocated enough for the gains to be meaningful?

Am holding some 2k shares. Any possibility of turning into a multibagger stock ??? That magical 4 digits ??

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I think one of the best decisions I’ve made is to invest in ITC and hold. There is promise long term wise.


ITC at a touching distance from its All time high levels which it touched 5 years ago.

With all the dividends in between, this has been one heck of a defensive heavyweight stock for investors in the last 2 years.

Kudos to all who held on this stock, not at all an easy task considering all the social media noise

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ITC results today.

marking short term top or zooming up higher ?

  • Short term TOP
  • All time highs

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I think ITC has become a must have stock in everyone’s portfolio. You must hold on to it no matter what.

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