ITR e-verification

I filed my ITR for AY2022-23 but by mistake quoted wrong income in it(other income-dividend from equity shares). That original ITR wasn’t e-verified but was submitted successfully.
I realised my mistake, immediately filed a revised return with correct details and e-verified it.
But the original return is still pending for e-verification.
Do I need to verify that too or verifying the revised return is enough?


You’ll have to e-verify the original return as well. Unless you e-verify the original return the revised return won’t be considered.

Here are the steps to e-verify the ITR


Hi, Yesterday I have filed ITR and paid tax online. During verification I found errors.
Today I completed the verification process going to validate and submit. I found my tax is showing larger than yesterday due to interest for default in payment of advance tax. What can i do now? Will i give the additional tax separately or the whole tax? I have the challan of the previous tax payment. Hope you can guide me.

I think you only need to pay the difference. Even if you pay extra by mistake you can claim refund.
This happened with me 2 years back. By mistake I had paid ₹ 20000 extra as Advance tax due to miscalculation so I claimed refund in ITR and the amount was refunded with interest.

Thank you.

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