ITR3 form filling details

frelance income = 3,40,000 (amazon mechanical turk) Intraday trading income = 7000 (gross receipt 12000) (without expenses)

speculation trading(intraday equity) loss = 2100 short term capital loss = 2400

Shall i declare my intraday(f&o) income as a business income in ITR 3 P&L tab no 53(i). And shall i deduct my intraday expenses in my profit.

And shall i declare freelancing income as a profession income in 53(ii). and shall i deduct expenses in my profit.

Shall i carry forward Speculative loss (intraday equity) and short term capital loss in SCHEDULE CFL.

What is the meaning of - Amount of the cash balance in ITR 3. I need to fill by bank balance.

What is the meaning of - Amount of the stock in trade. It means stocks demat value or trading account balance.

What is the meaning of - sundry debtor or creditor. trading

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