IV Rank and IV Percentile

I have been using Zerodha for just shy of 1 year. I appreciate the brokerage competitiveness your organization has brought in - disruptive market model. Awesome!

However, as a serious trader cum investor, there are certain expectation which I want to bring forth to your attention specially in derivative trading. All these are inspired by looking and experiencing the trading in matured trading platforms (Think-Or-Swim etc.)

Must have a option chain data available in the software (irrespective of pi, kite etc.)
Provision " one click" order from that option chain data
The option chain data must also reflect not only option Greeks, but also IV, IV percentile as well in one go so that a taken trade is an informed one.
Should also have prebuilt strategies, with an option to update/modify them.
I can imagine that this would be an investment of effort and resources and serious traders won’t mind paying additional fees to avail such features.


All good thoughts.

Just to help you if you don’t know already:

Option chain, IV, etc. values can be easily found on NSE website:

However, please note that these values are having a timelag of around 3-5 minutes, but are good indicators.

Definitely, Kite having these with real-time data would be awesome.

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Thank you. I am very well aware of NSE features. However, I am specifically looking IV as an indicator in the tool as well as IV Percentile and IV rank of underlying asset. This is key for selecting right strategy.


If Zerodha is able to incorporate the features that you have enumerated, then I am sure it will propel Zerodha to many notches upwards. It will definitely attract many HNI pros I know who are simply attached to some expensive brokers because of “some” of these features.

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Well said ! Also to add to your post. Real-time option Greeks (at bare minimum Delta) is required.

Platforms like Think or Swim, Tasty Trade are much more advanced compared to what is available to retail traders in India.


As a matter of fact there is a gentleman named Raghu who is already publishing IVR and IVP for last 6 months every day

I am wondering if he can do it, it must be possible for KITE developers to do it as well real time.

I request Nithin and his leadership team to bring this feature. I wont mind if Zerodha charges for this


Yes I agree. I am willing to pay for a premium version tailored for option traders without the OI restrictions and preferred customer service

Good discovery! :ok_hand:

I am still awaiting feedback from Zerodha management team on my above request

Tag names to get attention from them.

I don’t know this… can u help ?

Yes it’s a big drawback that zerodha don’t offer options chain and other features which are offered by other discount brokers

@nithin and @siva: can you please have a look at this request. Very much needed for intraday and postional options trader

In next few weeks we will be coming out with something exclusively for option traders.


That would be awesome. Please ensure to have IV percentile info for sure :smiley:

BTW I have also come across another site optionwin.com which also give Iv percentile report. Although not sure of the calculation accuracy.


3 weeks have passed away. When do we have this feature?

It will come, please give us sometime.

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Here is one link for option analysis tool , not sure about , is it free or chargeable, and also not sure whether this particular website offers what you are looking for


It has been more than 15 weeks now, any updates?

Hi @krishnakant_sharma We started building IV rank percentile PCR and Max pain yesterday. If all things go well we will be earlier than we thought, no more than two weeks. Please mail me to abid at sensibull so that I can let you know as soon as it is out

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