Jio Financial Services - charts and data about the company

JFS which got listed today is already the second largest NBFC by market capitalization at 1.68 lac crore.

Surely, the “Reliance” factor has helped in getting the company this valuation as there is no concrete business of its own on ground.

Morgan stanley report has some cool charts and data :

1. Shareholding pattern


2. P&L and Balance sheet

Comparison with other peers w.r.t equity


I was expecting LC today. Somehow feel it has to come down to 200 once before it bounces back.

Oh. Infact it has already hit LC. I just opened kite app for the day.

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And just like that it is now above it’s listing price. :saluting_face:

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seems like you shouldn’t mess with mota bhai. :laughing:

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Nobody not even the govt dates to mess with him

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