Journey of a new investor

From April 2017 I have started trading.
First lesson I learnt about trading is to get returns is to wait for a long time/period. If some of you disagree with me then you can’t expect your child to grew bigger in 1 to 2 months of time.:grinning:
Second lesson is that don’t invest more money into one stock eventhough it may give excellent returns.
Third lesson is that controlling on your emotions. By not controlling on those emotions they may result you in creating your losses.
Fourth lesson is that do not bring borrowed funds in trading because everyday is not yours. For example If you borrow 1lakh rupees from a bank by mortgage of some gold for a term of one month. Say markets are down for 2 months then your gold is gone(the bankers are not our relatives to keep that gold idle. They sell that in auction) and in addition to this you ended up by not getting any returns.Mainly you ended up with mental stress this results you in your health downwards
Presently Indian markets may be Express trains you can’t expect from tomorrow bullet trains can start to run. It may take time but don’t lose hope on you,your money, the company your investing.
Thanking you ladies and gentlemen


Just being curious! Any profits so far? :wink:

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Sounds Like you have faced this problems in very short period of your trading Life.

First thing you have to do is unlearn mixing trading and Investing, thinking both are same.

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Every lesson I learnt is my self-experience. Did we all learnt bicycle without getting any hurt??.This also works in the same way😀

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I’m trading and investing. I’m not mixing up both

I have booked profits of 6000 and losses of 2000​:grinning::grinning:

That’s Very Good :smiley:
Atleast you are not making loss.

You confused all of us. In title you write “investor”. In opening sentence you say "Trading"
And then for whole passage you continued to type “trading” but what you actually talked about was investing or swing trading ???

If for last 7 months your net total profits are only 6K and net total losses are 2k and hence you are on a net total profit of 4K (congo by the way) then you are seriously taking things very slow…
You need to speed up or give up.

I didn’t start to give up. But to speed up everyone needs cash .But here bank balance is Nil :slight_smile::slight_smile:

I started with 10k only.
And I also started in march 17!!!

How much you booked profit upto now??

Did you increase your investment amount?

And to speed up one need practice.
As Edward bhai of MarketGurukul said, “one need to backtest strategy for 20-30 stocks for like 8-9 months each, to get a hang of it”

I agree and in starting days of your trading you also have to Test all the segments of the market like Equity,Futures & Options, Index and Currency, commodity and find out which one is suitable for you and giving you maximum profits.

Long tern nearly 45k (yes I invested 1.2 lakh here)
In Intraday trading…I increased my account to nearly 25k after gaining confidence… have been decently earning since then :slight_smile:

If a new person enters the market for trading he often confused where to start? It is normal because every trader has many questions before starting. If a person wants constant profit in the market then it is good to start after completing fundamental and technical analysis of stocks. To get better profit, stock tips and other trading tips and profit-making techniques would be better for newbies. There are many interesting things a trader learnt from his investment journey.