Just learned about derivatives in Crypto!

With increasing market cap of crypto, it was not far to start derivatives trading.

Just wanted to check, if any one here is doing it or has done any research on it?

In crypto world, its hard to believe on YT, quora etc because there are so so much paid marketing happening.

If you can share

  1. Platform/exchange you will use?
  2. Associated fees with it.

I don’t think we can trade in derivatives from India.(anything that involves leverage).
And… crypto is already like a derivative itself (in terms of volatility) :slight_smile:

(The above is just my opinion, it could be wrong as well).

Bitcoin futures are listed on the CME. No such derivative contract exists in India. But, you can trade the coins via exchanges such as Binance and WazirX. I don’t trade cryptocurrencies but these two are the more popular ones out there.

Well said :clap: :joy:

Not to mention binance is offering massive upto 100x leverage to trap traders
My advice dont fall prey to it.

Binance owns WaxirX, right ?

(Top 5 crypto exchange) from coin market cap website.

I think we are can trade derivatives in crypto from India.

And yeah, leverage offered is crazy!! you can get 100 times leverage

Yes, heard that they got acquired by Binance.