Just like a joint account in the bank, isit possible to have a joint trading and demat account?

If yes, is it possible to change an already existing account in a single person’s name to a joint account?

Many thanks in advance.


Not sure what’s the reason for the same. You can have multiple demat accounts linked to a single trading account (in each one you have to be the first holder). The reason for a trading account is unique identification of a customer and that’s how it is supposed to work.

Not sure of the objective behind your question.

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A trading account cannot be a joint account, i.e there cannot be a second holder for a trading account. You can have a nominee for a trading account, but no concept like a joint holder.

A demat account on the other hand can be a joint account, first and second holder. Most DP’s if pushed will let you know the procedure to add a secondary holder to your demat account, if it was opened as an individual account.


What is benefit of join demat account?

For joint Demat can we add a Nominee?

Non-individual accounts cannot have a nominee. You can check this post to know how the transmission process works in case something happens to one of the joint account holders.