Just saw a Moneycontrol article saying NSE is barred from capital markets for 6 months. Is this true? How will this work?

@nithin jsut saw this article on Moneycontrol:

Come Thursday, how will the markets operate?

All trading remains normal on NSE.

Media in hurry covered this news absolutely wrong creating panic for all. NSE not allowed to access securities market (do their IPO) and to launch any new derivative products for the next 6 months. This is still bad news for the exchange.

Link to SEBI circular, Page 197/198


Also an explanation from Vikram Limaye, CEO of NSE.

Another 25 min video with Vikram Limaye on Bloomberg Quint



One side sebi reducing derivatives on stocks, other side nse introducing new derivatives(too manys having poor liquidity ). Good for now.

It means trading continues to happen normally right??:thinking:

Yes, trading will continue as usual

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This was a fraudulent practice at NSE…see in India how people get away with such a serious malpractice. In the west they may have put people like ravi narain, chitra etc behind bars.

A very strong judiciary is need of the hour. Some strong message should be conveyed to the culprits.


I guess sebi has done some sensible judgement here. They have fined 1000 cr to nse and 25% of the salary of two culprits.
They haven’t banned nse operations completely otherwise it would impact other stack holders as well who has nothing to do with this scam.

Can anyone please explain what this scam was all about precisely, what kind of preferential access are they talking about, isn’t Tick by tick data available to anyone who can afford to pay the cost, how exactly nse and brokers SUPPOSEDLY earned out of this. @nithin

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Just wanted to know; Are BSE and NSE government bodies?



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