Kite 3.0 beta zerodha

What was going wrong with Kite 3.0 platform today and the last day also ?Why didn’t place any order ?
This is happening from last two days.

rejection reason

Yeah, this is exactly I want to know ? what is the rejection reason for my orders?

Click on the order and post the screenshot

you have already posted this pic dear
click on the order to get details and then post

Click on the status column of any order and post it, but it is mostly related to the strike price selected. Check this for more on this rejection.

I did same as you said, this is complete details screen shot.

Click on rejected status of any order, I literally mean " rejected" ,other box will open, take screenshot of that.

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You see 3 dots when hovering on order.
click it then click info

This you needed to interpret the issue ?

As informed earlier this has to do with the strike selected, check the below link for more info on this.

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Why cant you people implement saving to cloud feature in Kite 3.0? I contacted ChartIQ vendor as to why they are not implementing the saving to cloud feature in Zerodha broker. ChartIQ vendor told me that it is the responsibility of the broker to implement saving to cloud feature. I prefer all my templates, trend lines, support and resistance lines, layouts, etc saving to cloud so I can trade from where I left off. I cannot trade on MCX continuous charts as there is no saving to cloud feature. Once I clear history and cache, everything is gone. I cannot believe how narrow minded our Indian brokers are even in the year 2019.