Kite 3.0 - beta!


@siva Thank you. ETA within a year?


This is my 4th post. Pls check - Nifty Commodity chart as it is not displaying properly @siva


I updated the concerned team on this, all sector indices will be sorted soon.


I think kite 3 is not working properly. 1. sometimes i need to refresh it to plot charts. 2. After refreshing volume candle changes completely. Its a serious issue, please @siva have a look into these issues.


worst service ever
see attached screenshot Low price of KPIT …IF WE TAKE TRADE WITH THIS DATA, WHAT HAPPEN TO OUR MONEY…
worst service…
@siva @Bhuvanesh @nithin
If it’s repeated question,why you did’t solve this issue…

Dont Delete this post @Bhuvanesh


Can check this.


it’s an issue…need to clear… @siva

If every broker have this problem means it’s okay…but Zerodha only have this problem…

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market depth freeze,how do we place order for best price then @siva


I am not seeing fibonncci indicators in studies section on kite…
need help on this.


Check drawings and under tools you can find it.

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I am not able to reproduce this, can you create a ticket and ping me number, I will get it checked.


@siva your @nithin says
never exactly match of a slightly technical reason (214.95 & 225.4) :LOL:
need hajmola; to digest;

open kipt chart of other broker 214.95 low there; @nithin 3rd largest; thats why its different;:sweat_smile::joy:


I also asked this issue…they said it’s not an issue…


Continue to this link , you can also check the opening minute candle on for the above stock, even that has not captured that tick, said that I am not denying that other brokers are showing it or not but just to give you more information on this. Anyhow I am no one to judge about that tick but I personally believe it is a stray tick as it is close to 4% away to avg traded price at that time. Also for KPIT one can see the low on BSE, it is 223.75 which is quite far away to NSE low at that time.

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Now understand… Thank you for clarifications…@siva


@siva now…what the hell is wrong with you guys…we are not able to place any order using leverage…


Apparently Zerodha sucks and I cant place any orders today.

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Can you try now.


R u kidding @siva @nithin …my trading opportunity is gone…and now u want me to gamble so that you get your brokerage…shame on you …you guys are looting us in the name of discount broking…every day you have a problem …if you can’t handle this stop this shit and do something else


Shame on u @nithin stupid broker i have ever seen …I think u got bankruptcy …So u don’t have money to fix these issue…