Kite 3.0 - beta!


Kite 3.0 beta is now out - Improving speed and performance was our top priority. The new Kite is super fast and super slick, with a host of new features (More to come before final launch). Check out the platform and let us know if you spot any issues by filling this form. I have listed down all the new features that you can see on Kite 3.0 currently.

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The settings tab on the marketwatch that now allows you to customize. A sticky index bar on top of the marketwatch.

Guided tour - 4 to 5 cards explaining all details on that particular page.


Better search on all tabs



A sparkline chart for an overview of the recent stock price movement


Ability to exit multiple/all positions at the same time


Set your profile pic from the My Profile section.


Add any index, stock or contract from the marketwatch to the top index bar, by using PINs.


A quick trade panel to trade directly when watching popped out charts. Track all orders/positions/depth from the same window.


Shortcut keys B/S to open buy/sell window on popped out charts

Move the B/S window by dragging

Range selector for time

Trading Software

Click on the market depth to initiate buy/sell limit orders at the price you click on the depth.

Initiate market depth,stock widget, charts from position, order book, and holdings.


Multi chart view on popped out charts.

Multi Chart Window
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Looks really good. :+1: Great work and thanks for including most sought after features like multi chart view and quick trade panel.


Thank you very much Mr. Nithin :+1:


The log out option / Exit sign out is not fully shown in mobile view.

Kindly look into it. Also kindly add detailed market watch feature into it separately.

It will take time to get habitual because change is not easily acceptable.


These New features are so awesome.
Everything feels so light.
Let’s see how it will Work in Live market.

1.Overall I love the New Interface.
2.This Multi chart view is Very Good.
3.This is what I always wanted in kite. exit multiple/all positions at the same time.
4.This Feature is Also good of PINs.
Why Q is not Updated?


I tried it and there are refresh issues on % change in price. I will try again tommorow and post an example if possible.


@maddy_Des Does kite 3 comes with HTML editor support ?

  • (only for laughter)


HTML editor support was already there, this time inline editing is what needed for faster and easier work. :smiley: (only for laughter)

I really liked the new Kite, great work done!!

  1. Watchlist limitation is still there(both name & 20 limit)!! :frowning:
  2. No Login with Password & PIN option!! :frowning:
  3. Found a little bug, possibly z-index error. ScreenShot_20171109003224

Waiting for app update too. Please bring it soon too. My father has to use just because of small font size in the app. So please look into this too.


While applying Pivot Line, chart candles squeezes and almost become useless. Also, after chart pop-out, saved studies/ themes are not applied in new chart tab.


There must be a question to answer. I’m not able to login