Kite 3.0 - beta!


orders stuck in pending validation for 5min
very unfavourable price


Marketwatch still not loading. I had another thread which was unlisted. You could have at least fixed the issue prior to unlisting the thread. @NithinKamath @nithin support should not be compromised.


9:56 am Unale to login. Error “Request failed (kitefront-connect).”

Guys, almost 45 mins over for today and still no fix.


@Kshiteesh_Saralaya; @nithin

By unlisting the topic if you are thinking of turning the tide of latency or error (more categorised as incompetency) it’s one of the worst mistake service providers has done in past. History is full of such examples where disaster started with small kindle of integrity. Rather than panicking and muzzling the voice be brave and take up accountability.

Folks are right here, you do have frequent problems. This can be a night mare for active guys into market.


Hello Nitin,
How much salary do you offer to do what Kshiteesh has been doing this morning. I am ready to work overtime as an when need arises. Waiting for your response.



I incurred loss because the trade I put was supposed to be scalp.
But, I think, zerodha doesn’t care. Are you going to take responsibility


Pathetic state of retail traders in India.
I don’t know what an edge is anymore.


I immediately pressed the exit button. But the
order got stuck. zerodha let all of us traders enter
at an inopportune time. But they didn’t let you exit.


Unlisting threads is only going to annoy traders further. Traders have every right to question why this is happening as they are risking THEIR money…


10:06 am still unable to login. Eror " Request failed (kitefront-connect). "


Zerodha should cancel all trades. Entries and exits.
I’ll be okay if I remain FLAT(no profit, no loss).
It will be absurd if your retail clients’ emotions go unheeded.


You are awesome, Zerodha. You can do anything.



Please don’t send a message to all user saying sorry for the downtime.


If some client of Zerodha uses NSE NOW platform then also would he be facing problem today?


even pi is not so good keep hanging after some time.


For that someone in Zerodha will have to read the message before delisting the topic


NSE NOW and NEST both are working fine. :slight_smile:


It’s 10.30 am and still they can’t fix the problem. I think this is the longest time
they’ve ever took to fix problems.


how to download nse nest or now?


Looks like Zerodha staff are too busy worried about tradingqna or they want us to think they are too busy checking the wires and servers themselves.