Kite 3.0 Filter Selection and Cancellation/PositionExit

When I filter the order using keywords and hit select, only the filtered order should be selected when I hit select all, but everything gets selected.
Can you fix this.
Same is with postiions window as well to exit.

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please elaborate your query in brief

How to select multiple order of same symbol for cancellation at once using filter?

@siva @Bhuvan @nithin need your help to fix this on kite for better usefullness

Will check this.

Hello AlgoGeek
I Have a Strategy but don’t have any knowledge in programming
The strategy is
Buy share when The LTP < +0.05
Sell share when the LTP > -0.05

Live SBI share
250 LTP
Buy when it start to move up by +0.05 that is 250.05
Sell when it start to go down by -0.05 That is 249.95

Can this conditions can be coded…?
I would Waiting for your reply…