Kite 3.0 on Ubuntu Linux

Hi guys, has any of you used kite or kite 3.0 on Linux? Does it cause any problems if I use kite on a Linux system? I’m keen on a Linux system as opposed to a windows machine. Thanks guys!

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Works Fine but I find response is Slow as Compare to Windows.

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I use Kite/Kite 3.0 with Firefox on Elementary OS Loki (based on Ubuntu 16.4.1), works fine.

Thanks. How slow is the response? Do you see a latency while executing orders if you mean that?

You can use it, no problem. You can check it by yourself.

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I have been always using Kite on Linux since i can remember. Fedora Linux that is. But a friend of mine uses Kite regularly on Linux Mint, Ubuntu, and he finds Kite quite smooth, fast and responsive. In both cases Google chrome is the browser in use.

Although in Google chrome by default settings Kite had a high system resource usage but just disabling Hardware Acceleration from chrome://settings/ did the trick and the system resource dramatically reduced to low or very medium level even after opening more than 20 tabs in Kite each with a different stocks/instruments. Thus Kite runs quite smoothly on Linux as of now.

kite 3 fly to sky using PepperMint 7 (based on ubuntu 16.04 stable)… windows 10 OK only in chrome never touch IE versions no comment

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hi am using fedora(linux ) can i use zerodha kite in it i tried so many times but i have problems in it

what problem are you facing?

unable to login i tried many times but every time it says wrong password
and i change my password too

can you share the error screenshot and browser version info?