Kite 3 Plugin for auto trading

In AWS, it should have, I am very sure about it.

By this if you mean your strategies were running and waiting for confirmation, then yes, session expiring doesn’t mean your strategy will get stopped, they will keep running.

So when you logged into YOUR computer/PC the new session was put and the trades would have triggered.
But not in AWS.
Just on Monday try login after 8am once and see.

You’re right. My PC was running Kite/Streak but AWS had logged both out.

No, Navin, my strategies were NOT waiting for confirmation. I had said that as soon as I opened computer they got traded all at the same time. Clearly, all of Kite/Streak/TR had stayed awake overnight :slight_smile:

Yes, but in the PC the session was put automatically. It remembered that I had logged in late night.

Now, suddenly AWS seems so dumb. What’s the use if I have to access the host at the most inconvenient hour? There must surely be a way to avoid this. Request all AWS experts to please look. I was just checking for another service by Google. Here’s the link :

This is google web server .
Which is better amazon or google ?

After 9 am ; after login to aws then kite streak and TR ;
If i shut down the computer; will my set still be working on the cloud server ?

Google has simpler interface, but AWS give more free credits and free duration of 1 yr.

Yes it will, provided you don’t LOGOUT of KITE on any device(as it expires all session) and don’t turn off your cloud server.

Does it auto expire? After how much time does it expire ?

If i shut down my laptop ; Will the cloud server keep auto on 24x7 ?

Kite session in my experience usually expires are 12hours, and at morning 7-8am, so I usually login around 8:45-9am and don’t logout from any device(pc/cloud/mobile) till market close.

Yes, just follow the video on how to properly disconnect from the cloud server, without turning it off. Usually is just by clicking on “x” mark on the software being used to login to cloud.

I have just logged in both PC and Cloud versions of Kite and Streak (and AWS) but haven’t logged out of any. Both are logged in, including TR. Will check at 9 am how they behave.

In the meantime found some interesting but worrying points:

a) If I log in to AWS (main) without logging in through EC2, closing the browser logs me out of AWS. Does it mean EC2 (Cloud) will not work?

b) two days back I said I don’t completely trust backtests. Just now I found the same strategy and the same basket are returning the EXACT same profits under MIS and CNC. Is that at all believable?

c) have asked again to night to provide leverages in MIS algo but no answer yet.

Ya check it , the session would have gotten expired.

No both are independent, unless you close EC2(cloud) manually or using AWS website, the EC2(cloud) will keep running.

If you TP and SL are small they usually remain the same, as before Square-off the position gets closed, this has been my observation, I have investigated over and over and come to trust backtest results, but i also keep in mind past returns don’t guarantee future returns, i paper trade also heavily too.

If you are refer MIS leverages in backtesting, I had asked about it about a year back, the response I got then was that, they don’t account for leverage for 2 reasons, 1) the leverage keeps changing, so in backtest of 1 yr, few months could have been higher leverage compared to others, leading to inaccurate results, and they don’t have the historical leverage to account for it accurately. 2) With leverage the returns percentages would look really high(like for 10X leverage a 10% return can become 100%), which can cause disbelief in the backtests returns and can lead more reckless trading without considering drawdown and risk/reward, etc.
Looks like they think more about our behaviors than we do ourselves, then I guess that its their jobs, so good that they do.

Hope this helps!

Today I tried everything- keeping all apps open in 2 sets, then closing AWS and running all 3 on PC, but the first 2 hours got only alerts and the rest of the session got only 2 automatically. Erratic as before! Just my luck, perhaps!

But back to your answers and I’ll try to be brief.

BT results are extremely doubtful. Firstly 0.4% and 2% being targets it yielded exactly the same results in both CNC and MIS. Next I tried with 0.4% and 10% in MIS and the profits came even higher. How can this be right?

And no, I was not talking about leverage in BTs. Of course allowing leverages in BTs is wrong. I was talking about live trades. Still no answer from Zerodha!

Then let me ask you this, do you have an exit condition which is very generic and frequent occurring.
Did you try checking few latest trades randomly with charts to see if they match?

This they give, the leverage on MIS trade with Streak is same as you would get if you took trade from Kite. For CNC they don’t give, for NRML they give, however currently its reduced.

[quote=“TradeRocket, post:90, topic:71746”]
Then let me ask you this, do you have an exit condition which is very generic and frequent occurring.
Did you try checking few latest trades randomly with charts to see if they match?

Just 2 conditions:

  1. if Sl and TP are met
  2. if it’s 3.15 pm

None is frequently occuring.

But I haven’t matched with chart in the last 7 days. To demonstrate this point, it’s not necessary I think.

Navin, I’m always talking about MIS and Streak algo. Please don’t get confused. THEY DON’T give leverage.

Hii duds, today i succeed in making a fully automated trading set up in streak using Trade Rocket in ‘‘Mobile browser’’, where nill human intervention required…:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Do share, what you did!

This essentially means there will irrespective of for MIS or CNC, the strategy exits at the same time.
As there will never be any carry of position to the next day, so ideally there should be no difference in backtest results.

Obviously for CNC there is no exit by time given:-)

Great. What was your solution on mobile?


Is it free?

Today all worked fine, I guess because I logged in and set strategies just before 9 am. I didn’t even use EC2/AWS and the trades fired beautifully with TR. Thanks again, Navin !!!

But the exit by time is still dicey. All didn’t exit at one shot at 3.15. Three were left and exited by my second code which exited the rest at 3.20. Seems you’ll need 2 exit lines at least.

@Zerodha I today saw that good leverage was provided to my algo trades. Please keep it up. Thanks!! But may I request you not to please log out the users at night?

That’s unbelievable!! You have yourself said you have not developed anything for the mobile then how can TR work in his phone?

Even I am as surprised as you, I have only developed and tested for Chrome browser.
But as they say, many minds are more creative than one, they keep finding interesting solutions, i am still waiting to hear from @Viren_Singh on his implementation.

Yes it is FREE, here is the link