Kite 3 Plugin for auto trading

A plugin called Trade Rocket is available to use with streak and kite 3 for auto trading.

Zerodha recommend the said plugin ?.

No, we don’t.

First of all fully automated trading is illegal. So zerodha won’t recommend the plugin.

Obviously not, even I would ask for careful use of it, and frequent monitoring(and I created it).
Its something made by an individual trader to make his life easy, it meant for self use and not for sale or commercial use.
Its for the community to use for free and grow together.


Dear sir
does trade rocket executes trade, when strategy is deployed but pc is shut down?

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No it doesn’t as the plugins run on your system and uses your internet to send orders.

I came across this video on youtube video
Where this person has taken the plugin usage to next level(hats of to human ingenuity).

The guy is running plugin on chrome in some cloud and then even when he turns his system off, the chrome keeps running on cloud and plugin keep running and taking trades.

The key takeaway here was that now I can run chrome on a Free remote server where I can keep things running on auto, and then check the progress/status on my mobile anytime anywhere(via app, I can stop/deploy strategies and the chrome will keep taking my trades) .


Appreciate your good Job

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…great plugin. It comes very handy, when one is preoccupied with other jobs, while the plugin pushes in streak orders…
…does this plugin work in mobile chrome too, as desktop can be shut off while mobile can always be connected to net and kite ?

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I am trying but have not found any reliable solutions directly yet for mobile, as phone net may come and go/fluctuate, and latency can be high, making it ineffective.
But I came across this video on youtube video
Where this person has taken the plugin usage to next level(hats of to human ingenuity).
So currently I am using this, and controlling my deployment and monitoring my positing from my mobile device.

Also NOTE, if you implement it as per the video, make sure you disable the plugin in your desktop, else what might happen is, notification will come on both the server and your desktop at the same time, in some rare scenarios causing 2 entry/exit orders to get place, so please keep it in mind, also don’t forget to login into the kite and streak on the server(with login to kite web checkbox ticked for streak).

Hope this helps, any doubt, please comment and also share. :slight_smile:

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Hi How can we do it server…

And many thanks for your efforts


This youtube video explains this process best of putting it on server for Free.

Hope this helps.

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wow… that’s very nice. will try and see how it benefits me.

many Thanks to your excellant innovation of this plugin and also of this person to get it implemnted in a virtual server…

It may look simple in hindsight, but ur idea of TradeRocket plugin is simply out of the world. Hope zerodha does not change its notification process !!!

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Sir, is this working on streak 3?I deployed strategy today on Amazon aws but trades not executed

Yea, it works on streak 3 , even I am using AWS, can you elaborate more, are you using chrome browser with windows, and enabled notifications in the browser.

SL-M orders after automatically accepted buy/sell orders were not executed automatically and were not seen in pending orders :frowning: ? kindly clarify


Yes that is by design. It doesn’t place SL-M immediately after entering the trade. Because of following reasons and difficulties:

  1. Addition SL-M blocks margin, I am guessing.

  2. After exit condition or target profit meets, upon exit, its difficult of figure out which order ID (id of SL-M) to cancel, which is normally done by just using cancel SL-M notification, but I just did not feel necessary at that point, of making it.

  3. BO serves as a good alternative rather than placing SL-M, when BO’s are enabled then they can be used.

  4. Upon SL price being reached, Streak send SL alert, the plugin acts on it to exit, removing the need to place SL-M in advance with the advance of being non blocked margin.

Hope this clarifies and makes some sense!

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Thanks for immediate reply…What my problem is how we can make streak live on Amazon aws after shutting down system…How cloud get internet to execute trades…?I followed that youtube video but as soon I hibernate my system… Notification coming only but no trades executed…It is working fine when computer is on…Then what is benefit of using cloud if we hv to make on our system always

Ohk, so lets look at the problems more closely.
If things are running on AWS, you don’t shut/hibernate that system, and it gets it internet from AWS itself.
I think instead of disconnecting from the running windows on AWS, you might be logging out of the ec2 windows.
The ec2 window can just be closed and it chrome browser will keep running it, in the server with the pluing and will take the trade.
Note : Don’t keep running plugin on both you PC and in AWS, otherwise what will happen is that it might take 2 trades. Also don’t forget to login to the aws and login to kite and streak everyday.

You can also after turning of you PC, just track/monitor the strategy from the app to and redeploy/stop it whenever you.


I am eagerly waiting for BO to be unblocked.

I have very poor success using streak but I am hoping to venture again using your incredible work and knowledge.

Please keep posting

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Thanks …Trade rocket is working fine…As I m a banker not getting time in market hours to execute trades.But by trade rocket I m able to implement my strategies without sitting on system…A ton of love to creator of trade rocket… Because of whom today I started my algo trade journey with decent return of 9% in single day

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