Kite Access During Out of Market Hours


This one is for someone for Zerodha team to take:

First: Often I have to travel outside India for work for long periods. Given this, when I try to access Kite at a time when it is late in India (say after 1:30 AM IST), I am unable to login to Kite. Even after kite does come up a little later towards the morning, all the data is not correctly displayed (for example) daily gain/loss % shows as N/A, portfolio gain/loss, invested amount are practically incorrect!). Further, charts do not come up and show as NULL.

When I asked this question about couple of years back, I was told that this is because systems have to be updated in the backend to update the numbers for the day. Surely we have come a long way since then and surely Zerodha technology team can come up with a way to have a redundant high-availability multi-node based cluster which will take care of the issue and display the as-of-day price and other details while the main server is being updated?

Second: In the same breath, it would be great if Zerodha starts accepting scanned documents on email. For example I really want to join the Coin program right now but cannot because Zerodha requires me to submit forms which will cost me a bomb to send as hard-copy by post! I wonder if this is a as per SEBI norms or something that can be started at Zerodha!

Would appreciate a quick reply from somebody from Zerodha team!

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Any updates Zerodha team?

I am facing the same issue. Kite/Q/Coin doesn’t work late night. And after market hours, kite doesn’t show today’s gain/loss. Please respond.

From 1 AM to 5 AM IST you won’t be able to login/check your holdings because we will be running various internal processes. You will be able to check your holdings post 5 AM IST. As much as we would like our clients to be able to access their accounts around the clock, this is the state of tech in India. But you can access your reports in Q and our upcoming version of Kite should address this.

Yes, SEBI guidelines require us to collect hard copies of the application forms and documents. But a bit of a good news is that if you have an Aadhar card and if you are KYC verified you can open an account online, but even that case you will have to submit your POA for the demat account and ECN for commodity account as physical copies since they cannot be digitally signed.

hi Bhuvanesh, I logged in at 6:15 AM IST and still cannot see updated figures. Is there are a time onwards that it is expected to work?
Some of the traders like me cannot be checking every hour to see when the figures get updated unfortunately as we travel, work at odd hours etc. please do set a cut off time after which the system will be up and running

I am facing this same problem to this day. On weekends the Holdings section show as Nil and many times my accepted password and challenge question and answers refuse to log me in. This is really poor off market hours service. The problem persists even after the 1 AM to 5 AM IST bracket mentioned above. I am even not able to use smallcase service because zerodha won’t let me login.

U guys must realize this is discount brokerage . cannot afford all luxury servers etc. If u want full 24 7 then switch to Icicidirect or kotak and get beautiful courful reports all time availability etc

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Point taken. However, if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be productive and honest to state the availability hours that are guaranteed to work? Since you are a discount broker, with limited resource, these availability hours could be less but then at least the end-user can plan accordingly… you will end up with more satisfied and loyal customers. For example, if you are down, let the user know at the login prompt instead of showing some random error (which confuses the user).

In my case, at most, the requirement is for the login service to work, so as to use smallcase during the weekends.

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why not show a scheduled outage message on the login screen during those hours. such a simple UX improvement! @nithin

And the outage message should be shown before the user attempts to login (and not after the user clicks on the login button and gets disappointed).

As soon as he lands upon the website, it should convey that site is down for scheduled maintenance.

Because it isn’t between the exact times everyday. Days when it could be lesser, day when more.

That said, we have a fix which will soon allow you to access Kite 24/7.

What if it works like this -
there is a button that your dev team pushes before every outage period, and thus the “system outage” message is displayed on the login screen even before the user attempts to log in. It should also send an email to all users informing the outage (optional).


Currently, a random error is displayed when the user attempts to log in and is disappointed. As per UX principles, respect the user’s time and effort of typing the user ID and password and save him from the disappointment of unable to log in after submitting his credentials.

Once the backend maintenance work has been completed, your dev team can push the same button to release the outage message. Also, it sends another email to users that “we’re back” (optional).

In short, that button acts as a switch for the outage and also informs users.


Very simple solution indeed, isn’t that @zerodha?

@nithin please provide some more user friendly UI layout , trade book and portfolio reporting etc.with increased brokerage. I have seen the other extreme with Icicidirect…but Zerodha is too discounted brokerage that i guess moving space for enhancement is very less

Nothing wrong in charging reasonable brokerage in CNC and use that budget for availabity and UI features

AS in? Can you explain a bit more.

As said by Nithin above, soon one should be able to login to kite all hours of the day.

:slight_smile: I guess you know that we have thought of all these options. There are operational and legacy issues for some of this. We are fixing all of this one step at a time.

May be i have to do some compare and contrast Sir…i will study backoffice app and tell…for now what i observed is segregate a CNC demat share sell from a intraday position…

I just opened a thread which contains the details…

Another thing is portfolio is coming under bsckoffice…but we have I direct showing live portfolio. P and L…

CNC demat sell in cross exchange is not clear ui friendly

Can you check out Can you tell me what on report is lesser than on ICICI. We currently don’t have tradewise/scripwise charges, which will come up in the next couple of weeks. Apart from that, what else is missing? Maybe put screenshots of both reports, so we know what u r referring to.

Yes may be system outage if official in a trading platform will have huge penalty clause? I am not sure

Console report does not show Long Term Shares/ Short Term Shares.

If you want I can share the Report from ICICI