Kite chart feature request- Jump to date

I was looking for option to move to a particular date on chart by simply typing the date. Tradingview has got this feature. I am not sure if it is technically complicated to implement. But it will be helpful if it is available. In case if it is already available and I missed it please let me know. Also on chart how many candles are available. Say for 1 hour candle how much historical data can we check?

i like this too

Go To Date feature is available on TradingView on Kite

Intraday data is available from 2015.

sir I don’t like tradingview charts, please add this feature to your most loved default chartiq all the people would appreciate it

:ok_hand: चार्ट आयक्यू पे एक साल पुराना डेटा लेते लेते उंगली टेढी हो गयी! Pls guys add “Go To Date” feature in ChartIQ

ChartIQ has range selector feature which can be used for quickly navigating through charts. Screenshot of ChartIQ 8.