Kite/Coin Feature Request

Hi @nithin,

I have a feature request in Kite/Coin -

Having been invested in the stock market, I can have a look at my reports from the console. But one thing which I find missing is a visual representation of my investments like a line chart. There is a pie chart breaking down my investments into different market caps but not a graph.

One can look at any company’s graph but there is no way of visualizing our portfolio in a graph. The columns in holding shows net change and 1 day change but it doesn’t give a whole picture. Also at the bottom one can see Day’s PL and Net PL.

I’m hoping this to be a useful feature for every investors like me.


Have you checked our reporting platform?

Sir, can we please have some way to place orders while looking at market depth data in Kite app.
Maybe in background,if you make order placing withdow a bit transparent??

When you open the market depth on app, you can click on the prices displayed, this will open the order placement window with selected price filled.

Also, once you’re on the order window, The option to view market depth will be available once you click to edit the price. Please check this screenshot. Here too if you click on prices displayed, same will be taken as price.

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