Kite Connect API for Personal Use

Dear Wonderful folks of Zerodha,

Can I use the Kite Connect API based on my current Zerodha account?

This is strictly for personal use?

Not able to find any answer in website.


You can absolutely use it. You can get all answers around Kite connect here :

Thanks Nithin.

I posted the same question in kite connect forum. So far not received anything.

Also looked around the documentation but unable to locate anything.

This is the reason I have asked here.

Hope someone from Kite connect Team provide the information (including charges if any)


kite connect charges are 2000 per month I think.Its there in the kite connect website

Documentation is here: and has all queries already answered. Rs 2000/month.

Thanks for clarification Nithin.

I was under the impression that being a Zerodha customer, Connect API is free for personal use.

Found another free API for my purpose.

  • Naveen

Which one is that?

There are two I am using:

First One:

There is another Free API (Invite Only) I am using. Can’t disclosed the name since the company is still incubation mode.


This seems to be good. Kite API does not have any indicators. You need to pay Rs. 4000 per month.

@naveengarg is it having execution API as well?
Any way can we fire orders through any terminal?

Unfortunately, Zerodha Kite Connect seems to be the only option as of now.

There are some data feed resseller which may have the API for trading. Not sure as of now.

Will let you know in case I found something else.


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i have one doubt , i am new in algo in zerodha API platform is fully automatic or semi automatic anyone please help