Kite funds page on holidays

Hello @zerodha, @nithin

Why the kite funds page not showing updated balance next day if it is a holiday? We do get the contract notes and we can see the updated ledger in ‘console’. The ‘withdraw funds’ page also shows the updated balance. So I am not complaining about being wrong here.

But why the kite funds page, both on mobile & web, not showing the updated balance next day (if its a holiday)? This is just annoying.


Today is a holiday and the F&O settled funds from yesterday are showing the correct value.
Apologies, don’t know about holdings

Open Kite Mobile or Kite web and see the “funds” page. It is not up to date witn what “console” shows. This happens on a holiday. I did not check on a Saturday. But being end of the year, I wanted to see if the numbers match and I was surprised.

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Hi @kars, since April 1 is a settlement holiday due to Annual bank closing, any intraday profits from the equity segment and F&O credits from 28th March will not show in your Kite account balance. This will show from April 2 once the funds are settled. Until then unsettled credits can be viewed in the Console funds statement. Please check this bulletin for more details: Settlement holiday on account of Annual bank closing on April 01, 2024

OK. I understand the settlement holiday thing. Thanks.

Still the ledger showing the unsettled credit/debit is not good. It will be nice to have a mark in ledger that an entry is yet to be settled.

Amidst the loss, my amount had been reconciled :slight_smile:

Have noted your feedback.