Kite has slowed down

i have cleared cache and my netspeed is 10mbps, still i find problem with kite.1) stocks are taking time to load in market watch. 2) some times chart are not showing up in chart window. i need to relogin. 3) charts not updating automatically in 1 min timeframe or any other time frame . i have to refresh the chars every now and then. Is this a problem on my end or Zerodha end. I encountered this problem recently. Has this something to do with Quickheal antivirus? . Pls let me know.

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same thing with me also. chart not refreshing. On weekly expiry and monthly expiry these things are happening.

Zerodha not yet Improved Back End Systems.

very annoying. I dont know what is happening with Zerodha. there technical tools are becoming headache for them now…

Same n get ready for this post to be deleted. Apparently they try to hide their flaws every now and then.

Me too had a problem of charts not ticking. Today…opened a support ticket…and they too acknowledged the problem… everything back to email in 10-15 minutes