Kite is not working, Problem with fetching quote

Once again Monday morning trading problem because Kite platform is having problem fetching the quote price and chart loading, This problem seems to be very often now a days.

Kite is the only way for me to trade from office and even this is closing the gates for me and i guess many people who are depended on Kite platform.

I hope Zerodha fix this problem as soon as possible.

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No still its giving the "Error fetching quote: 504"
Not loading the chart and data… Not able to attach the screen shot.

it is still not working and even pi is giving same problem.

How to re-open this issue? The question has been closed without the issue been resolved.

i am a registered member of zerodha. Today on monday kite platform is not opening even at 7.40 am, and error showing “OMS connection error” .Lately kite is working slow in the morning till 12 noon, and this OMS error is getting frequent.