Kite Long , Short drag position right from the Chart


Any update on Kite Long/Short right from the chart. Need to drag my stoploss and Limit order right from the chart. Need T1 T2 T3 limit order, Entry Limit Order with lot size(or quantity), and SL order from the chart.

Example i took a long position on SBI at 280 with 3000 shares, I want 300 as T1 Limit for 1000, T2 at 305 at 1000 limit, T3 1000 shares and 308. SL is 270 of 3000 shares.

I need to drag me SL right from the chart. I can do it manually by position book, but it will be a good idea if i can trade via chart like in Ninjatrader or other platform.

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On KITE ? :slight_smile:

Lets work on PLAN B.