Kite mobile vs desktop

In desktop version of kite application I can see the trades and execution of orders

but in mobile version I can only see executed orders how to see trades?

This becomes especially important if partial orders are filled.

In the mobile app, I can see today’s Profit & Loss. But I can’t see it on desktop, could @nithin add it on the desktop version?

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Will be added soon.

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It will clutter the application. If really required one can check on web.


@siva 1.Order notification is delayed by 15 to 20 min in mobile kite,any particular reason to disable vibration for order notification


A stock in kite holding section has * with it what does it mean?eg: reliance* @siva

BSE adds the asterisk symbol against the stocks that are undergoing an open-market buyback. You can check out more details here.

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hi @ShubhS9

In desktop kite, Instead of sensex can i add bank nifty on top left corner in place of sensex

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Yes, you can do this. Here’s how:


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Where do you see today’s profit and loss in Kite mobile app?

I see it only on Kite web and not on mobile.

Go to Portfolio > Holdings, Today’s P&L is displayed at the bottom.

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I don’t have any holdings. I assumed that profits/losses from open Positions (on the particular day) are displayed on Kite mobile app.

Executed order count in desktop kite wouldbe useful just like mobile kite

Already exists in Kite web.

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It takes all the executed orders , I need only completed orders count like kite mobile

Go to orders in Kite web

Feature request @siva @ShubhS9 @nithin

A chart for intraday P&L would make me login to kite at the end of the day.
which will help me in better understanding of my entry and exit position strategy for F&O.
Also, Intraday high and low profit can be interesting to look at.

Never seen a request for this, anyhow this may not be possible for now.


@siva @nithin

The corporate bonds investment option is still not available on coin, When can one expect the same?

We’ve stopped offering corporate bonds for now. We had launched it as a beta and the process we were following in the background was too cumbersome due to regulations. We’ll probably try offering them when we figure out a better process.

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