Kite on android tv

Is it possible to trade on kite on android tv ?
If anyone is already doing that can u send and photo or screenshot , i want to buy a laptop but I am dicy plz reply

LOL… how will you place orders?? Using remote? Better connect your laptop to TV for better chart viewing if thats the case

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Yes, if the Kite app is available for android TV then orders can be placed using TV’s remote or any remote control mobile app.

I also suggest that Zerodha should launch dedicated Kite app for Android TV.

@siva your thoughts?


May not be possible anytime soon but will note this.

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Yes! Possible. Tried it just for an Idea. use a tv browser and a wireless keyboard to work.


How access kite on browser and how to connect remote keyboard
Which android TV did you tested
We have mi TV
Thanks in advance

explaining it here will take very long, you will find may videos regarding how to install browser on android tv and connect keyboard other devices etc.

once you have installed chrome on your android tv you can just login in to kite like you do on pc in your mobile browser.