Kite Order Search Feature Update reqd

@nithin @Bhuvan @siva

I have already raised this point several times, but no one cares, can you fix this or else this feature is useless,

As shown in the order search, when I search for auro, only auro gets highlighted and other orders gets greyed out. But when I select all checkbox, even the greyed out order is selected, which should not be the case, the whole point of search and select is gone.
Kindly fix this,

You need to hit the enter button after typing in auro, it will only show up that instrument in the order book.

It is not working @nithin


This behavior is same in order and position window.

ah… was checking holdings. But yeah, makes sense. Just spoke to our tech team, we will have this fixed by the next release.

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Thanks @nithin post it when it is fixed!

Can you check now, after adding scrip on search, click enter.

@siva @nithin Grt and quick fix, it is working now… Thx.:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

Sorry for opening this thread again but my queries are not approved manytimes in qna.
What I am asking is the feature already available in kite web. When I am searching nifty strikes, always other underlying strikes appeares first. Kindly ensure nifty strikes appeared before finnifty and nestle.
@siva @nithin

This will come very soon on app.

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Almost 3 weaks are over. When can we expect?

Search mistakes are mostly happening in small screens like mobiles, why it takes long time after started in web version ? @siva

Should be out in next week.

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The only thing I am expecting from zerodha now.

btw it’s already in beta, few are on that version. If everything is fine we will push it to all in next 2,3 days.

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How long more days it need ?

It is live with 20% production users, so by this weekend all should get it.


It’s working now. Ty zerodha team.