Kite: Please implement split tabs like in Pi

At present it is not possible to view multiple charts and the admin/order window at the same time in Kite. Pi makes it extremely easy to view multiple charts while also allowing the order/admin window and marketwatch in view. Please see screenshot:

Please enable such a viewing option in Kite as well. It is very disorienting and cumbersome to have to continually switch between tabs/windows.

By pressing the button (highlighted in image below) on the top left corner of your chart you can view Positions, Orders and Market depth.

You will not get Market Watch here. If you need Market Watch and other customization you can try using Vivaldi browser. By adding the link of Market Watch page to side panel in Vivaldi browser you can view Market watch in all tabs. You can open and close it when needed.

When you press show side panel icon highlighted below you will get the side panel.

Without side panel.

With side panel displaying MW.

You can add any page to the side panel and you can select it when your need.I have added the link to MW, Orders, Positions and Funds so that I can view them when needed.

Side panel showing orders tab

Side panel showing Positions

For help on adding side panel you can refer the below link

If this is not enough you can also split the screen. This will give you more customization to the view.
By splitting screen you can get a layout similar to the one you need. As Market watch in Kite has only limited fields it looks simple.

For help on splitting the screen you can refer the below link