Kite Support for Purchase Securities from Primary Market (IPO/NFO/Bonds)


I am not sure if purchases from Primary marketcan be done directly from Kite.
Purchases like:

  • IPO
  • NFO
  • Corp Bonds
  • Gold Bonds (current 2017 SGB can purchase from Zerodha Email link only).

Please suggest.
(If already Supported, please provide details).


You can apply for an IPOs, Bonds through ASBA easily from your internet banking portal, you can check this link for more.

You cannot directly apply for NFOs from Coin currently, but you can apply through ASBA similar to an IPO and the units will be credited to your demat account.

Thanks for the details.
After IPO is Applied by providing Zerodha DP-ID / BO-ID, will those IPO (Equity / Debt) or NFO Appear Under Holdings Tab in Kite ??
Or those portfolio have to be tracked separately in Bank website ??

If allotted the shares will be visible in your holdings, but you will have to enter the allotment price in Q by adding a discrepant value.

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Question on SGB visibility in Kite :
My recent Allotment of SGB 2017 is visible in my CDSL account -

The Debit entry is also reflecting in Q-Ledger. But same is Not visible in Kite or Q-Holdings.

Will it take a while for SGB to appear in Kite Holdings ?
To enter SGB allotment price, where to find the discrepant value field in Q ?

@Bhuvan Any comments ?? … Can you pl. clarify ?

Now I am able to see the SGB in Kite Holdings. But the Cost of Purchase is not reflected.
Thereby No P&L data etc.Could not edit Buy value in Q holdings either.

Where to enter the Allotment price in Q by adding discrepant value as mentioned by @Bhuvan ??

Please clarify.