Kite Timeframe Issues -

Dear Nithin,
Greetings. Despite of highlight the issues multiple times by logging a ticket, still this small bug does not get fixed
can you please look into this.

If you create a View and Save it by using a Chart in M1 Timeframe. And Apply the View on D1 time Frame, Only the Time Frame Display gets changed to M1 (Infact this should be in D1 itself). I still hear most of the traders complaining high slippage, connectivity issyes.

Why Zerodha still have so much of technical Issues. I think, its time to apply thinking

When you save a chart view which is on a particular timeframe, even the timeframe and it’s default candle period gets saved in the view. In the case of 1M timeframes, the default candle period is 4H. This is an exception candle period for the 1M timeframe to ensure an optimum number of candles can be viewed on the screen. But the 4H candle period is unavaliable in Kite by itself.
So whenever you apply a view with a 1M timeframe in it, Kite changes the candle period to 1D as this is the next highest candle period after 4H available in Kite. Eitherway, we’ll have a word with the Dev team and get back to you.