Kite tradingview indicator value is different from

why the value of money flow index is different in kite tradingview chart and When I checked with banknifty futures 1 min chart, money flow index [9] has different value chart. Is this because of different data source / vendor ?

chart 1mintue time frame with MFI [9] chart

kite tradingview chart

The problem seem to be with the number of candles available for indicator calculation. Try zooming out the kite chart and see whether you get the same value as TV.

is the same value no change in the value, I made the screenshot small to make it easy

TradingView Chart

Are OHLC values same across both the 1Min TF candle across TV and Kite TV ?

Also Entire! Kite app and web stock %s and Nifty and bulshit showing wrong! can someone hit these guys

What are you trying to say?

Did you know that you can click the settings cog button to calculate change % based on open price or close price?

If you select close price.

If you select open price.

Bro! How come nifty shows 2.% plus in web and 0.22 in mobiel? how am i suppose to change that? No one allowed to do that

Are you unable to see the above change calculation option selection?

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yeah. So its web settings screwed up? yeah i guess

Nothing is wrong. You have the option to decide.

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yeah i ts my fault

they are never same as far i have observed, Iā€™m seeing this OLHC mismatch since long time, Then i think the indicator value are not reliable from kite :sleepy: considering tradingview data as reliable one.

Thanks man! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Yes, it is true there has always been a mismatch. That is why if I am following one value, I make my trade reference with the same.

I too found a similar differencem but its tradingview between two different brokers. Appears very intriguing since I dont have any explanation on these observations.
They have different O H L C for the same instrument for the same time-stamp.

BANKNIFTY 35500 PE, 24th March expiry (Zerodha kite Web snapshot of 1247 Hrs)

BANKNIFTY 35500 PE, 24th March expiry (Upstox Pro Web snapshot of 1247 Hrs)

@siva @ShubhS9 appreciate, if you can explain how the data from exchange can be different between both Brokers?
Do you use data from NSE and render it on tradingview? or is it hat tradingview directly provides you with the data which they get from NSE?

If this is only one such an instance, how many more problems exists in the broker-instrument-exchange universe, the case, who is right and who is in error?

if someone is in error, which is incorrect info to clients, should this be reported to appropriate authority?


Explained here: Why does the same technical charts for the same stock from NSE Tame, Google finance, Yahoo finance, Amibroker, not match? - #2