KITE: Viewing multiple Charts in single Tab/Window

At present only one chart can be viewed at a time. yes, multiple can be popped-out in new tabs or windows. still it’s not convenient to watch at them…

Is it possible to see charts of selected/all scripts in tabular form say 2x2, 3x3 or 4x3? this will enable to monitor trends of multiple scripts at a glance.



Yes this is on our list to do. Btw, there is a chrome extension that can help you do this as well. Check this video on Kite charts.

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Thanks Nithin, that was useful… I’m glad feature I asked for, is under development…

This chrome extension does not work properly on multiple monitor. Also the chrome header takes lot of space thereby reducing the space available for actual chart and data.

Also not safe login in normal mode .incognito is safe in chrome ,where no extention work thats my issue…

Any update on this requirement??

Multiiview charts are already available on Kite. More here:
Charting - Kite User Manual.

try Vivaldi browser, the side pale is really helpfull, the chart shows up in main tab where the dashboard and other order & position can be configured in side panel bookmark window, only thing you need to get into practice to use it.