Kite/Wathlist/briefcase vs holdings

If I am not wrong, on Kite/Watchlist the briefcase symbol indicates the holding quantities, however recently I have noticed that it is showing up erroneously. For instance I have a stock in holdings (which appear on the Holding link) but it does not show up against the stocks on watchlist. I have noticed it manytimes with many of my hooding and wondering if it is Kite a software glitch? Has anyone noticed it? Any clue about it.

It may be possible that holdings moved to BSE or NSE based on last highest buying price.
Check with NSE or BSE Watchlist for the same stock. It would show with either of them.

Thanks for the answer, but could u please elaborate?

Does it mean, the watchlist shows up the higher buying price from both the exchanges?
For instance if I have a stock purchased in BSE and saved the BSE’s symbol in the watchlist, will the watchlist by itself replace that with the NSE’s stcok symbol if the price of that stock at NSE becomes higher?

The exchange only changes for stocks in your holdings to where previous close was higher, not stock added in watchlist. Read this to know more.