Knight Frank Report H1-2017 Real Estate Picture

Select Different cities and see what is going on.

Grim Picture ahead for Real Estate. with RERA and GST new projects will cost less and old unsold properties will be difficult to sell.


Several projects stalled. Black Money which vanished after DEMO is affecting Real Estate Sector severely. Real Estate was used to park Black Money now only real end users are driving it.
Bleak future for this sector for another two years.

As MODI is telling tough decisions will be there ( as the joke in social media FROM MID NIGHT OF 31 DECEMBER 2017 TWO THOUSAND… ) don’t know what is in store.

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Eighteen starts

Wonder if the sobha developers sales numbers news is true.
May be mutual funds & FIIs are spreading such fake news to exit from real estate stocks. Or, is it that these reports are generated to create panic to force people to sell so that institutional investors start bottom fishing.

@Ankit_Ek Read this report

Sales going down steadily in every region. They said bookings up. It’s revenues will reflect in 18-24 months. You can not invest based on booking numbers.

If you buy based on sales then look at Hero Motors numbers. Record sales still stock falling. Fell 10%
from peak. It seems kind of fishing by driving retailers out of the way ?

Everywhere we are seeing loss of Jobs, why LICHSGFIN fell 20% ? Are People buying with their own money?