Kotak 999 Plan Vls Zerodha

How does Kotak 999 Plan compare with Zerodha

About 70% of active retail traders trading with less than 1L in their trading account.

80% of Retail Intraday Traders are looking for maximum leverage.

Industry standard leverage among discount brokers is 15 to 20 x including Zerodha.

Kotak’s FIT plan gives you only 4 x leverage.

This offer from Kotak does not meet the needs of a large proportion of Retail Traders in India.

Also to add, Intraday Square-off time for Kotak is at 3.10 pm.


Then it would be better to trade with zerodha facilities and be safe with your investments.


Firstly Bro Is Using nrml Order Which Gives You 4 Time Limit The Square Off Time Is 3.30 PM Until Market Closes

I Found I A Great. No Software Problem And No Issues, Just Love With The Profit I Am Making With The help Of Their Research Team. I Would Suggest To Go With Kotak

how much margin required for writing 1lot of bank nifty options in MIS and NRML

You Have To Pay Full Margin For Options And For Future Its 4 Time

Not Tried MIS Option In Kotak. I Only Use NRML