Kotak delivery sale credit?

I was going to open an account with Kotak securities since I see their CEO quiet proactive on Twitter and to avail the 0 brokerage charges. But someone told me that Kotak is not giving sale credit against sale of holding shares? Is that true?

Not true. Kotak Sec, like major industry players, give 80% credit on T+0 day and 20% on T+1.

Please ask the CEO you mentioned to reply for the mails sent to him. Being Active on SM is fine, but should proactively respond to Emails sent on his Official mail id. (Atleast the response, that mail is recieved)

In KS : there are following issues

  • one cannot convert MIS to delivery or Viceversa (online)
  • Even if you get margins by 3, such thing isn’t possible & if your positions go bad, you have to suffer loss by 3.20 pm
  • GTC order too isn’t present in Neo Platform

Someone had asked similar query, see the CEO’s reply - https://twitter.com/Ashish1Nanda/status/1775146710177653033

He is not CEO